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Our Brand

Founded in 2008 in the industrial heartland of Leeds, United Kingdom, Decksaver set out to provide a quality solution for the eternal issue surrounding audio gear – how to protect expensive units from damage
in demanding studio, club, stage and home environments.

In the following years, our products quickly became the industry standard in elite club and studio environments across the globe – such as Ministry of Sound, Fabric, Space and Amnesia.

Utilising over 50 years’ experience in the vacuum forming industry, our covers are all designed and manufactured under one roof in the UK – using only the highest grade polycarbonate.


Why Invest in Decksaver Covers?

In 2008 Decksaver founder Mustafa El-Etriby came home from university to find his prized CDJ-1000 decks damaged by his little brother. This distressing moment inspired a game-changing new product and soon the first Decksaver cover was formed.

Upon release, Decksaver covers caught fire in clubs across the world. The brand went from strength to strength in following years – refining its designs and durability to near-indestructible levels.


Why Cover Your Gear?

Let’s face it, music gear doesn’t come cheap and even a budget setup is worth a small fortune. Despite its expense, equipment is vulnerable to elements such as dust, smoke, liquids and accidental impact. These elements have taken many a good unit down and do not discriminate.

Each Decksaver is designed to follow the contours of the unit it protects. Made from super-durable premium polycarbonate,
our push-fit covers fit like a glove.


Low profile design

Decksaver covers are designed with a low profile, helping them to fit into travel bags, controller bags and flight cases for extra protection on the road. The snug design keeps rogue fader tips, sliders and control knobs from dancing away, never to be seen again. For the legion of Decksaver users across the globe, our covers have become an indispensable part of everyday life, enabling stress-free travel and preserving the life-span of their equipment.

So back to 2008 and Decksaver quickly became the industry standard for protecting DJ gear in European super clubs such as Ministry Of Sound,
Fabric, Space, Ushuaia and Café Mambo.


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